Department of Mission Readiness Support Services
Valbin’s Mission Readiness Support Center have over a decade of reliable, specialized expertise supporting US government Continental USA (CONUS) and Outside the Continental USA (OCONUS) missions with cultural awareness training, mission support, analysts, subject matter experts, linguists and role players. Valbin’s Mission Readiness Support Center provides US Government Defense, Intelligence/Law Enforcement and Diplomatic agencies mission support services requiring language and cultural awareness with renown consistency for contract performance and mission success. Valbin’s management team works immediately upon Task Order award to engage clients and satisfy complex Performance Objects requiring short-notice security vetting, candidate hiring and on-site deployments. Valbin understands best the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and Standardized Operating Procedures (SOPs) inherent with U.S. Army National Guard/U.S. Army Reserve (ARNG/USAR), U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) and Department of State Field Training Exercise (FTX) and maintains a consistently reliable record of success winning consecutive Task Orders. We mitigate risk and provide best-value solutions that ensure military commanders receive the best possible training support as they prepare service members and units for deployments into combat and contingency environments.

  • Program/Contract Managers with Top Secret Clearances, 2-3 decades of military experience and proven contract performance.
  • Professionally experienced linguists and role players available and ready to start as dynamic-short notice training schedules require.
  • Pashto/Dari, Arabic, English, German, Urdu, Farsi, Kurdish, Serbian-Croatian, Albanian, Spanish, French, Russian, Tagalog and other linguists.
  • Detailed resource and work breakdown plans and implementation programs.
  • 24x7 responsive channels of communication to keep Government Contracting Officer/Contracting Officer Representatives (CO/CORs) and on-site Points of Contact (POCs) aware of costs, risk analysis and project status.
  • Commitment to client satisfaction and delivery of services as demonstrated by superb performance ratings from past and current government and commercial clients.
  • Proven planning skills capable of managing large number of mixed tasks and evolving priorities in planning meetings and events.
  • Civilians on the Battlefield (COBs), Foreign Language Speakers (FLS), Role Players, Insurgents, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Cultural Awareness Trainers (CATs), Negotiation Cell Trainers, and support personnel with extensive military experience on similar contracts available to support short-notice initiatives within a few days of contract award.
  • Experienced senior SMEs providing Quality Assurance through execution of Quality Control Plans, metrics and documented results.
  • Substantial surge capability demonstrated in our ability to successfully recruit 900+ Role Players within a two week timeframe on several similar engagements.
  • Accurate, responsive reporting provide government COR/on-site POCs daily/weekly/monthly Situation Reports, manpower statistics and exercise feedback supporting After Action Reviews.

Valbin’s MRS program management team have supported dozens of military and government training exercises and execute tailored management plans that mitigate risks that may impact mission success and accomplishment of training objectives as forces prepare for combat deployments or emergency readiness certifications. Valbin has successfully responded to emerging contingencies such as medical emergencies, ongoing exercise personnel replacements, and client requests for no-notice augmented services. We operate with transparency to the training environment and do not interfere with prescribed exercise objectives or operations. Our management plans maximize coordination with the needs of the US Government to satisfy their priorities and direction.
During all training missions Valbin’s Program Management Team is available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week by phone or in-person to respond immediately to changes in scheduling, personnel rotations/status, and other needs. Above all, Valbin Corporation understands and is committed to serving the needs of its clients in implementing highly realistic and effective training to support the rotation of soldiers or diplomats to mission specific regions. In most cases we provide highly experienced Program Managers on-site and at Corporate headquarters for the duration of the exercise at no cost to the client to ensure absolute success. Valbin has in place detailed Standard Operating Procedures refined over dozens of Task Order awards to achieve technical excellence in all tasks and exceed client’s expectations at each site. Through a detailed and rigorous Quality Control Program, Valbin maintains close watch over all aspects of program performance and enacts immediate change when benchmarks or established Performance Work Statement Performance Objectives obtain variance.
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