Department of Intelligence and Operations Support Services
Valbin’s  Intelligence and Operations Support Department provides clients with Subject Matter Experts that are experienced in the craft of intelligence and counter intelligence, providing unyielding commitment to advance mission objectives. Valbin’s Subject Matter Experts are picked according to the clients’ needs. The strength of Valbin’s experts lies in combining excellent professional experience with proven communication, briefing, writing and organizational skills. They have experience creating and modifying complete programs of instruction (POI) for human training. SMEs selected have deployment experience in Afghanistan, Iraq, Balkans and the Pacific Rim. Valbin offers tactical human intelligence expertise and HUMINT SMEs; Bilingual Bi-cultural Advisors (BBA); collection and analysis of data and Human Terrain Specialists.

Valbin’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have recent deployment experience to Iraq and Afghanistan and on military bases throughout the United States. They offer intelligence and operational expertise with over two decades of military operations, intelligence and management experience. Valbin’s network of SMEs is prepared and qualified for any task that government agencies may need. Our experts possess the ability to understand a situation, analyze it and resolve it in accordance with the mission at hand. Valbin has a proven record of providing subject matter experts familiar with the mission at hand and delivering results in accordance with exacting standards of government/military PWS Performance Objectives.

Valbin’s Bilingual Bi-cultural Advisors (BBA) are subject matter experts that specialize in cultural training and cultural competence. They have first-hand local expertise and experience in working with the US government in overseas missions.

Our Human Terrain Specialists have excellent skills and knowledge of the social, cultural and religious factors in countries and areas where the US government is present or anticipates deployment. Valbin understands that to be effective in accomplishing their mission, government mission-critical personnel need to have the necessary information and the sensibility to the surroundings. Our instructors and specialists have the ability not only to understand the specific political, social, cultural and ethnic conditions, but also the skill to effectively pass this knowledge to the other personnel, contributing to the overall mission. Valbin has obtained strong past performance providing SME support to diplomatic training academies preparing personnel for OCONUS deployments to contingency and combat areas.

In a world awash in information, mining relevant data and analyzing them is vital for mission success. Valbin has the resources and smart solutions that our clients and partners need. Our staff and Subject Matter Experts have the necessary skills to collect data, put them in the context of the global geostrategic situation, and apply their superb knowledge of the intricacies of societies, politics and cultural diversity to draw conclusions and make connections between events, weaving a coherent narrative. Valbin has all the resources to collect and manage data that help prepare clients for their mission and create a wealth of experience for future challenges.

We have industry-recognized professionals who provide government Intelligence Community/Law Enforcement Community (IC/LEC), Department of Defense (DoD) and Special Operations Forces’ clients Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX) expertise for our nation’s highest priority collection and exploitation missions. We possess subject matter expertise utilizing the National Deployable Harmony DOMEX Systems (DHDS), USCENTCOM Theater Exploitation Database (TED), and IC government proprietary analysis exploitation software triage applications. Many of our experts have broad knowledge with HUMINT/CI Intelligence Information Reporting iaw DIAM 58-12 and service publication guidelines, SIGINT, GEOINT, OSINT and MASINT collection. Many of our personnel are familiar with and have experience using MEDEX/CELLEX applications and tools such as Cellebrite, FTK and government-recognized exploitation tools.
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