Department of Linguistic and Analytical Services
Valbin’s Department of Linguistic and Analytical Services delivers translation, transcription, interpretation and language instruction in over 60 foreign languages, 150 countries and region-specific dialects with confidentiality, accuracy and confidence. Valbin is an industry-recognized premier provider of linguistic and analytical services nationwide and overseas. We demonstrate proven capabilities and immense potential providing intercultural communication to priority clients within the US government and private sector corporations. Valbin’s linguistic and analytical services offer only the best and most effective communication services. and leverage a large database of trustworthy linguists and analysts able to undertake translations, transcriptions, interpretations, and language instruction in a variety of professional venues. The Linguistic and Analytical Department offers:

TRANSLATION SERVICES: Valbin offers reliable, on-time, quality translation services in over 60 languages with150 specific dialects. Valbin provides premium translations where each translated document is proofread by another competent translator to ensure the meaning and intent of the original text. Valbin provides technical translations in military, political, legal, medical and other fields in the highest standards for all of your professional needs. All translations convey the meaning intended in the original document and reflect the cultural nuances and specific regional dialect. Valbin’s reliability has made us a reliable, reputable partner with the military and diplomatic communities for their most sensitive translation needs. Each translator can turn around 3,000 words per business day. A higher volume is made available for clients that request a quick turnaround under our rush delivery services. The translation of documents is always done in an effective manner with accuracy, consistency in terminology used throughout the document, fully conveying the cultural context and the intended meaning of the original document.

TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES: Valbin provides timely and accurate verbatim transcripts of speeches, statements, testimonies and audio files. We have the capability to receive audio files via a password protected FTP (File Transfer Protocol) website to allow clients quick turn around of sensitive, priority mission needs and transcription services from anywhere in the world. Valbin’s transcription services include rendering the spoken word or recorded material into the written form of the same language or into a different language. Most of our transcription services are required from one language into a Specified Contract Required Language (SCRL) and are a combination of our transcription and translation services when multiple languages are involved. Transcriptions strictly follow all grammar rules, punctuation and correct spelling, accuracy in communication and translation. Valbin’s transcribers are able to offer the best and fastest transcription of digital recordings into professionally written documents. Services are always available to meet any deadline at guaranteed full satisfaction.

INTERPRETATION SERVICES: Valbin offers world class professional interpretation in over 60 Languages with 150 specific dialects for mission support, conferences, court proceedings, exchange programs, seminars and business settings. We provide telephone interpretation for legal, medical, business and many other subjects. Our interpreters are well versed in the languages they interpret from and are culturally aware and knowledgeable in subject matters that range from politics and diplomacy to arts and sciences. Our large database of experienced and valuable linguists is 100% reliable and available for the consumers’ benefits. Valbin’s commitment to excellence and quality control guarantees full satisfaction for our clients in government, private sector, international and local agencies. Interpretation services include:
  • Escort interpreter for delegations and exchange programs
  • Consecutive interpretation for business meetings and professional settings
  • Seminar simultaneous interpretation for formal settings and workshops
  • Conference simultaneous interpretation for small and large conferences in multiple languages
  • Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment
  • Telephone Interpreting Services
  • Sign Language Interpreting Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Valbin provides interpreters with specific skills and experience to the specific assignment. Each interpreter is native in the source language, near native in the target language and is able to speak both languages with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary. Valbin ensures that the interpreter can participate effectively in formal and informal conversations, social and professional topics. Every interpreter is recruited, personally interviewed, screened, and tested for languages skills. Valbin interpreters are evaluated for their background, education and experience io best match the selected interpreter with client needs. Valbin interpreters, when needed, are equipped with the latest technology in wireless FM listening systems to enable them to discretely deliver their simultaneous interpretation without distracting the speaker or the listener. Valbin’s management monitors the performance of our interpreters during their assignment and conduct post-event interviews with every client to verify the level of customer satisfaction.

SIGN LANGUAGE AND DEAF CULTURE SERVICES: Valbin maintains a highly reliable, accurate and responsive system to effectively track and respond to client requests for Sign Language interpretation. The flexibility and professionalism of Valbin’s team of interpreters is highlighted through the wide range of circumstances that require interpretation, including large group meetings, mid-sized staff workshops and one-on-one conversations between colleagues. Valbin Corporation interpreters hold national certification from the Registry for Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and are able to provide advanced sign-to-voice, advanced voice-to-sign, American Sign Language (ASL), Signed-Exact English (SEE), Pidgin, tri-lingual interpretation, mirror and reflective signing, oral interpreting, tactile, close vision services, relay interpreting for Deaf with minimal language skills, and Certified Deaf Interpreting (CDI).
Valbin Sign Language interpreters are trained and experienced in a wide array of arenas to include: one-on-one communications, conferences and trainings, advanced platform (with or without voicing), educational, legal, medical and mental health interpreting and transliterating. Valbin’s interpreters are highly skilled in financial, IT, legal, military, medical, scientific, and technical verbiage. All Valbin interpreters are well versed in government vernaculars and work in government settings on a daily basis. Valbin recognizes the right and expectation of every employee, regardless of hearing ability, to be able to realize personal and professional goals in their chosen profession.
Valbin Corporation personnel are well versed in the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Code of Professional Conduct and strictly maintain the role of a communications facilitator while on an interpreting assignment. Beyond providing a vast array of interpretation services, Valbin Corporation provides a unique, educational service to further bridge communication between hearing and Deaf/Hard of Hearing persons in the work place through the Deaf Culture and Awareness Seminar. These classes include training on what is/what is not appropriate behavior toward the Deaf community; how to ease difficulties in communication when an interpreter is not available or on-hand, and of course, teaching basic signs such as greetings, common expressions, and basic information in order to ensure better, more effective communication.

LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION: Valbin’s instructors are experts in numerous subjects and are picked through personalized research and recruitment to meet every client’s needs. Valbin always builds strong relationships with every client and is renown for our ability to consistently understand and find the right instructor(s) for every client. Our instructors undergo thorough review to vet their ability to teach all language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our Language courses offer an extensive core curriculum and offer instructional training in over 60 languages. We aim to promote the most effective training for our clients by having to the most highly credited instructors on hand. Both individual and group instructions are available. Classes are often presented on site at a client’s business location or venue of their choice.
Valbin language classes provide instruction to a client on a foreign language based on the level of the acquired knowledge in that specific language. A placement test is taken prior to start of the course to best determine a client’s level of the foreign language by an instructor of Valbin. Based on the placement test, the student of the language is assigned in the beginner’s, intermediate or advanced level courses. A beginner’s course entails basic conversational and grammar knowledge in that foreign language. An intermediate level class aims to offer to client the ability to reach high proficiency (near fluency) in spoken and written aspects of the language. Advanced level of the language entails ability to think in that language, read and comment foreign literature and learn that countries history and traditions.
Valbin has offered customized language training in the above three levels organized in a classroom setting and often involves video, audio tapes as well as guests of the spoken language to practice the language skills and the conversational aspects of the language. We have an extensive cadre of instructors, lecturers, and educational professionals with advanced university degrees who are available to custom-design an educational program for foreign language instruction, training and cultural awareness. Each instructor is selected based on their past experience as language instructors with at least five years of teaching, the level they can teach (beginners, intermediate or advanced )and the age that they have experience teaching (young students or professionals). Instructor screening and vetting includes checking past performance references.
Corporate management monitor the performance of each instructor by receiving performance evaluations from its students at the end of each class. This allows Valbin to reflect upon and improve its level of teaching, ensure client satisfaction and that classroom POIN objectives were met. A program manager supervises all teaching classes and randomly attends ongoing sessions to ensure quality services and that the class is taught according to the goals set by client. The educational “product” can include printed materials, inter-active software and curriculum to be presented by Valbin personnel or client staff. In addition to foreign language training, Valbin also offers educational materials which are extended to our clients in support of training services at clients cost. Valbin’s principle of promoting cultural awareness allows our clients to take part in Multi-Cultural Training classes. Native speakers are available to present country profiles and foreign customs.
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